There is a point for every organ, gland and part of your body in your feet, hands and head. Reflexology is applied using a unique combination of gentle and deep pressure with the fingers, thumbs, knuckles and specialised tools. reflexology is a unique tactile therapy and while it may feel like a "massage" a reflexologist is looking for areas to focus on differently to a massage therapist. With reflexology a reflex may be congested reflecting congestion in a particular part of the body and feel like a lump or gritty area in the foot or hand. The congestion has been proven to be a change in tissue composition, less nerve and blood supply. When a part of the body is under stress and tension due to everyday living or a particular health concern then there is a change in the nerve and blood supply to the effected area. By stimulating the nerve and blood supply in the effected reflex area, it stimulates the whole supply and induces innervation and blood infusion into areas requiring healing.

Reflexology has been shown to improve so many different conditions, all a reflexion of how reducing stress and tension reduces disease and illness.

Reflexology is safe for all ages and most health conditions. The intake form and initial treatment will assist in determining and establishing a unique protocol for the individual.


What’s a BioMat you ask? It’s a mat embedded with Amethyst that delivers far infrared rays and negative ions to the body. We use the BIO MAT during our reflexology, reiki and feet reading sessions and find it helps to improve relaxation and the therapeutic effect of the session. The level and amount of usage is determined by the practitioner and client.


Feet Reading


Your feet reflect your perception of yourself. every aspect of your feet can be interpreted as an aspect of how you perceive yourself and your life.

The direction of your toes, the texture of your skin, the appearance of your skin, blemishes, moles, freckles, calluses, temperature, how the feet feel to the touch and the language you use to describe them may all be utilised in the reading. This can offer you a chance to have a different understanding of yourself, areas you may need some extra support and areas where you shine your natural strengths.

The way you think and feel influences all aspects of your life and can be a reflexion of your overall health and wellbeing. 

A foot reading will provide you with the unique insight into yourself to assist with your healing process bringing awareness to underlying beliefs and thoughts that contribute to your state of being. 

feet reading is based on universal concepts facilitated by christine stormer-fryer (South Africa) and lyn fava (australia).